Luxury living right next to the lake

The Shores

The Shores feature the largest lots in Westmere, and offers a rare and rapidly-disappearing opportunity to enjoy luxury living right next to Chestermere Lake.

Extraordinary. Distinctive.

  • Generously spaced home sites.
  • Extra large side yards to ensure privacy.
  • Extensive streetscaping.
  • Gorgeous landscaping. Peaceful parks.
  • Elegant and memorable home styles.

Lot Size Comparisons

One of the advantages of living in Westmere is the large lot sizes. With entry level lot sizes starting at 60’, you’ll have more than enough room to accommodate your lifestyle.

Architectural Standards

The Shores guidelines create a community of harmony and continuity. The variety of traditional housing styles allows for individual expression and ensures a visually appealing streetscape.

Houses must be built using high quality exterior finishes, with appropriate placement, and include some masonry elements. Windows must be top quality, and preferably vertically oriented and/or with multiple panes. Watch for detailed exterior trim and finishing as well.

Phase 16

Phase 21

Phase 16 & 21

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